Welcome to Day One at the Nuthouse

today’s feature was (of course) Strait-Jacket!

now, we all knows (or should have guessed) that i love Joan Crawford.  and within the first ten minutes of this film, i was exploding with glee.  dummy heads will roll, my friends, and you should thoroughly enjoy watching them tumble down off the bed and fall to the floor.

William Castle must have said this to Joan, “Okay, so you just go batshit nuts, okay?”  and then she must have listened.  seriously, i have never seen a more amazing turn toward cuckoo nutso than this.  within the first few seconds of the film, you get this voiceover dialogue talking about Lucy Harbin (Joan Crawford):

“She was very much a woman and very much aware of it.” 

this happens as Lucy is walking down a the steps at the entrance of the train.  she sways her head and sways her hips, and she is clearly wearing a wig to hide her advancing age (well, Joan’s, not Lucy’s).

when Lucy makes it home from the booby hatch she is sent away to, she must come to terms with her new life with her older and (seemingly) kind daughter.  the two form a close bond, and soon her daughter tells her that she’ll be marrying her gentleman friend soon enough.  but Lucy finds out differently.

all the while, various incidents happen that aid Lucy is re-cracking up.  she finds the heads of her victims in her bed and decides it’s just a nightmare.  her daughter has saved her dangle bracelets and jingles them inside a sculting studio.  these are the bracelets lucy wore on the night of the murder, of course.  Lucy hears children singing “Lucy Harbin took an axe….” and so on.  We are all sitting in disbelief.  how was it so easy for Lucy to go cuckoo again so quickly?

I will not reveal the ridiculous ending and the horror/hilarity it provides.  just know this: anytime there is a flood of heads rolling through a movie and that movie stars Joan Crawford, you will end the evening with great, great joy.

Heads will roll!!

Heads will roll!!


~ by acaseofyou12581 on November 20, 2008.

4 Responses to “Welcome to Day One at the Nuthouse”

  1. I just found this site! I’m so excited because I love horror films. It looks like I have some serious renting to do, because I think there are some on this site I haven’t seen.

  2. Just finished watching this. The ending wasn’t what I expected. The music was a little too happy for a woman whose daughter went loopy. My first Joan Crawford. I thought it was pretty good.

  3. This is probably my favorite William Castle movie!

  4. I think it’s my favorite too. I love the others as well, but Joan Crawford acting so batshit nuts is kind of my thing.

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