Yes, It’s Just a TV Show

i know this is about movies (or rather that it’s supposed to be), but from time to time, i need a shorter (more american in its attention span type) distraction.  yes, that’s right.  TV.

i have been consuming so much horror lately that i have needed a bit of a comedic break (because horror comedy has never seemed like a legitimate subgenre to me).  i can’t afford (on my meager Permissions Assistant/Adjunct Lecturer salary) to buy Roseanne, which is what I really want to do, so i have had to watch something i own (and something i rented from good ole netflix).

first on our playlist is Night Gallery Season 1

Old School, oh yeah.

Old School, oh yeah.

Night Gallery is exactly what you’d expect.  It’s short episodes with star-studded appearances from the likes of Joan Crawford and Burgess Meredith.  These are my two favorite guest stars, and that’s why I mention them.  Honorable mention for best guest star goes to Ossie Davis and Roddy MacDowell.

Joan Crawford plays a blind woman who pays/blackmails a man into giving up his sight to give her sight for just twelve hours.  she is a harpy undoubtedly, and the man who gives up his sight really has no other choice.  She blackmails the doctor into performing the surgery as well.  Needless to say, she gets what she has coming to her.

this is one of my favorite episodes of this first season.  it’s fun to see joan crawford as a bitch again (not that she doesn’t always seem that way).  and the karma payback, while not all that believable (hey, it’s night gallery) is well-timed and sends the right “moral” message.

another favorite of mine is the episode with burgess meredith in which he finds a medical kit from the year 2098 in the garbage in 1970.  this is particularly funny because meredith plays an alcoholic who lost his license when he started effing up due to his liquor intake, and he seems to know that the numbers 2098 are the year of the med kit and not just some fucking item number for the bag. 

but either way, he and his friend (another homeless man who has slightly less scruples the Doc Meredith) end up curing cancer for all their homeless pals.  Or rather… nearly homeless (as is the case with Meredith).  anyway, something gets meredith out of the way, and violence occurs (off screen, of course).  and when the final act of medical magic is about to occur, the man from the future notices a bright red button blinkng informing him that the kit has been used to commit an act of violence.  And the man shuts down the bag.

convenient, no?  but quite fun, really, and how do we not expect to a show like this to wrap up nicely?

other episodes in this season are lovely as well.  one called The House is particularly lovely.  Also, there is one about hunting that seems to have a lot to say.  that’s the thing.  they all seem to have something to say.  and whether or not you get to it, it’s nice to have these little morality tales packaged in such a really nice way.
the other show i have been watching lately is Dead Like Me.  now yes, i know, everyone will just suggest that this show was Showtime’s bizarre response to the success of Six Feet Under.  and i LOVE Six Feet Under.  (this will lead me later to discuss my weird relationship with True Blood.)


when i first watched it–out of boredom–i was amused, and i was surprised that it was not what i had expected at all.  i thought it would be a blatant ripoff, and i am sensitive about these things.  but it’s actually a little funny.

okay, okay, the guy who plays the drug-addicted brit is charming, and i like mandy patinkin a little.  so that might be a part of it.  but it’s interesting to see grief from the other side.  while, of course, i do not believe in an afterlife, it is interesting to see what it might be like in this version of the world. 

here are my complaints: ellen muth mumbles, and she looks like she has shit in her mouth all the time.  she’s odd-looking, though, and that’s quite pleasant.  it’s nice to have someone leading a show that is not your average beauty queen.  rebecca gayheart leaves the show early, and this is a good move.  they do bring on a beauty then, but she has something going on that many others (i.e., angelina jolie) do not.  she is wounded in ways i haven’t seen in a dramedy like this.  you know, i love love love Gilmore Girls, and i know myself some dramedy.  but this girl, she could be every girl who hates herself even though she’s beautiful and desired because no matter what you tell her or teach her, she hates herself anyway.

she might be the most talented person on the show.

another joyful thing on the show is….. Jasmine Guy.  yes, Jasmine Guy.

and that’s all i can say about that.


~ by acaseofyou12581 on November 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Yes, It’s Just a TV Show”

  1. I actually don’t like Dead Like Me, but the British guy (well, an incarnation of him) is my muse. Seriously. The dialogues I’ve written between us are rather amusing. If I do say so myself.

  2. I didn’t know you liked True Blood! Pam’s my woman.

  3. Well, the thing is… as time has passed, I kind of don’t like it anymore. I think it’s vampire porn. It’s not smart. It’s just smutty. I watch it because it’s entertaining and sometimes gory, but it’s a terrible show.

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