Full House Was L-A-M-E

that’s right.  i said it.  full house was lame.  and what’s more… the olsen twins were fucking ugly ass children.  i never ever liked that show.  i was smart enough as a child to be like… wtf?  this shit is stupid.  i have never had such a passionate distaste for a show in my life.  and you know, i think part of the reason i hated it so much has more to do with the fact that everyone (and i mean everyone in my generation) expects me to love it.  and it fucking sucks.

the reason i bring this up is, of course, Aunt Becky.  yes, Aunt Becky, who was mildly hot and not even mildly talented.  she was a dimly shining light on a horrendous show.  and a few years before she graced the soundstages this show was filmed on, she starred alongside Meg Ryan and other b- list actors in a little flick called Amityville Horror 3-D.  that’s right.  she, like so many others, has horror roots.  only hers are super shitty… unlike Queen Jamie.


But Aunt Becky is all right.  and i’ll take her.  here is the consensus from my multiple personalities.

okay, so a writer and a photographer her work for what we can only presume is a magazine that reveals random hoaxes (it is called Reveal, after all) investigate the ghostiness of the house on Ocean Avenue.  anyway, they discover that an old lady is doing badness in the house, and it is all quite fake.

so then the dude… well, he decides it has all been fake all along (except defeo shooting his whole family) and he buys the house and installs himself and his sometimes present daughter (Aunt Becky) into its empty rooms.  and the shit hits the proverbial fan.

all badness ensues.

eventually, aunt becky dies (gasp!) and people moan and weep, and you are… bored.

yes, that is the eventual understanding of this film.  it is FUCKING boring.  watch it and see for yourself.  B-O-R-I-N-G!  i own it, of course, because it comes with all the DVDs you order when you get the amityville collection.  but dude, i am never putting this shit in my DVD player again.  well, maybe i will have lame 3-D night when i watch this and friday the 13th part 3-D.  hmm… something to think about.  Anyway, suck-o.



~ by acaseofyou12581 on December 3, 2008.

One Response to “Full House Was L-A-M-E”

  1. Well the only thing I agree with in this one is your positive comments on Aunt Becky, God I loved that 80’s hair flip!

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