No more horror….

there is certainly mixed commentary regarding the Sleepaway Camp series, and i think it should be made completely clear that the first Sleepaway Camp is absolutely one of my favorite horror-viewing experiences.  and i was hoping to be treated to another beautiful adventure when viewing the sequel.  now, let’s be real, i knew it couldn’t be as awesome without that little surprise at the end there, but i thought for sure it could at least make me giggle.

well, it didn’t, guys.  it just didn’t.

let me just list the problems this little film encountered.

first of all, there were far too many boobs.  i know, i know… i am the girl who wears a rubber band bracelet that says “boobies make me smile.”  and yes, of course, boobies do make me smile.  but that is meant in the best possible sense… when the body attached to them wants me to see them.  (and occasionally when i am watching an exploitation film.)  but these girls, they did not need to be showing us their boobies.  and the men–not one of them–had to show their junk in the film.  and no, of course, i really don’t want to see any man-junk, but let’s be fair.

okay, next error. 

we know that angela is the killer from the beginning.  when is horror fun?  when you aren’t sure who the killer is (even though you really know deep down).  now, i kind of expected to know everything before it happened in this film, but it was surprising how disappointing each death felt this time.  they were no surprises.  so… sigh.

here is the biggest problem.  this is a film that could have been exceptionally funny–if it was so damned determined to not be scary.  and it was not funny at all.  nope.  not at all.

the good things?  well, the death scenes were pretty innovative.  the most innovative being the drowning of someone in an outhouse.  (this included dookie, pee, and leeches.)  it was fun to see the most hated character drowned in a bowl of years old poo.  this scene also provided the best dialogue of all.  and the drill was a good time.  and the barbecue was pretty fun too.

so what does it come down to?  this flick just could not live up to the glory of its predecessor.  and how sad that is.



~ by acaseofyou12581 on February 28, 2009.

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