And Yet One More Reason to Never Ever Have a Baby

so… i saw this movie tonight.  i should be writing a paper about the caliban figure in caribbean literature, but i was watching a wee french horror film instead.

i had, some time ago, heard about inside.  and what i heard made me nervous.  it made me afraid to watch it, if you want the truth.  i was told it would scare the shit out of me.  i was told this by people who know how hard it is to scare me, so i thought… oh shit, this must be the real thing.  and i dropped it to the bottom of my queue, thinking i couldn’t handle it at the time when my queue was filled with night gallery and april fool’s day.

so when i was beginning to feel the disappointment of terrible horror films (and when a friend liked saw better than black christmas) i thought, i really need something new, something super scary.  so then i bumped back to the top.

i have decided, for the first time, to avoid revealing actual plot in this particular blog/review.  i will provide a short summary, however.

so a woman, for reasons you will discover, is angry (justfiably), alone in her home, and very pregnant.  a woman arrives at the door of her home, and wants to come in.  sarah (the woman) does not let her in.  she knows better.  she calls the police just in time.  the woman is gone… ostensibly.  and then the woman is back after the cops have gone.  and you think this is it.  this movie is just the two of them alone in this house.

but it isn’t.

you’d think this was a flaw, but it works.  the arrivals and… departures are believable(ish).  and they are absolutely horrifying.  i found myself yelling at the screen and texting friends things like “NO! NO! NO! NO!”  i found myself wondering why no one had a made a movie like this yet.  i found myself wondering why i hadn’t seen it yet.  what the hell was wrong with me?

highlights are the music and the pretty superb acting job from our two leading ladies.  i recommend this to those with an interest in exceptionally violent films that manage to prove how well-made they can be.  it is remarkably gory, so you have to be careful going into this.  know what lies before you.

but if you are like me, you will love it.  you will love it.



~ by acaseofyou12581 on March 27, 2009.

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