French or American? You Can Decide for Yourself.

i saw the strangers in the theater when it came out.  my fellow judy garland fan suggested it–not knowing what it was–and i did not tell her it was a horror movie (myself knowing she would change her mind if she heard… i am so cruel.  but this film, based on a french film called them is one of i have thought of often and wondered where it really fell on my missy scale.  (this is similar to the kinsey scale, only on the poles you have suck and mad awesome.)

i saw the strangers before i ever saw them, and i am still not 100% sure which one i liked better.  this is my debate (in my cuckoo nutso head) to discover which one, if any, you should see.

first the strangers (because americans always come first). 

i find it really hard to believe that this couple would listen to Joanna Newsom.  and if they did, they would not put “the sprout and the bean” on repeat.  they would be more like “sadie” people or perhaps “this side of the blue.”  i know, i know.  you are all thinking, “well, missy, that’s neither here nor there, really.”  it is.  it automatically sets up certain viewers to just not believe this film.  and so that is the battle ahead of us as we are watching the strangers.

other than this (and a few trappings that contemporary american horror films find hard to avoid), i was genuinely scared but most of the strangers.  the home invasion story is one that scares me for some reason (even though i live in a place where it is harder to do such things). 

the slowly crumbling relationship between the two main characters is, simply put, not all that necessary, but i do believe in it.  and because of the tenderness in the scenes before the baddies arrive, i think i am willing too to believe in what comes after.

so this sounds favorable, huh?  it sounds like i liked it.  and maybe i did.  but only a  little.  it’s better than your average drivel.  but there are serious moments of disbelief and stupidity that are problematic.  like, why did you ever let go of that shotgun?  why did you ever leave that strategic position?  why did you do a lot of the stupid shit you do.

verdict: if you can handle these flaws, you might like the strangers. but you’ll never love it.


now onto the french one.  unfortunately, i haven’t seen them in quite a long time, so i can’t provide too many details.  so i think, in general, i think this one is decidedly more tense.  or maybe the subtitles make it so.  and i enjoyed the experience of watching them quite a lot… up until a point.

you see… she ends up in the drainage tunnels along the highway.  what the cock is that shit (to quote sarah silverman)? 

but the feeling of them is still rather tight, and i can say i rated 3 stars on netflix (not too much coommittment, you see). 


it turns, out, i think, that you can take your pick.  they left me with the same feeling ultimately.  kind of shitty on the ending, but pretty okay otherwise.  do you hate americans? or do you hate the french?


~ by acaseofyou12581 on May 3, 2009.

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