Random Bullshit Spewing Forth

today i arrived at work to find something beautiful.  an amazon.com box was sitting at my desk.  “what could this be?” i asked.  “what treasures could be sitting inside this nice cardboard package?”  get excited, dudes, because here it is:

Terror Train
Bloody Birthday
Bitch Slap

i had all but forgotten i’d even ordered Bloody Birthday!  what a nice surprise on a lonely thursday morning in the office.

so look forward to it.  i might finally sit down to write about terror train.  or maybe bloody birthday.  or maybe i will post another effusive review of bitch slap.  or… maybe… just maybe… i will just post a list of quotes from bitch slap for you to enjoy at your leisure.

in other news: i watched vampyres last night.

the film was much different than i expected it to be.   i was anticipating a lone lesbian vampire making finding her perfect mate and making her into one of them family.  i did not anticipate a film that actually upends the common analytical interpretation of the vampire as the lonely romantic.

what i was treated to was a lesbian vampire couple already in existence!  what a novelty!  what i was treated to was also an exceptionally vicious affair.

in short, the film was surprising and rather good (though it took a second glance for me to realize this is how i feel).

why is is daylight when the vamps are out?
why does that idiot man keep going back for more once he sees the vagina wound on his arm?

otherwise, yippee!


~ by acaseofyou12581 on March 25, 2010.

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