News From the Front

The horror front, that is.

Apparently the entire world wants to see The Human Centipede.  The story goes something like this.  Two young travelers find themselves stranded in the woods after their car breaks down.  (Ain’t that always the case?)  When they go in search of help, they become the next victims of a deranged surgeon whose vision is to connect people mouth to anus in an effort to create the world’s first human centipede.

Now, most of the horror bloggers I read (primarily The Vault of Horror and Final Girl) have been talking about this like it’s the second coming (though neither of them have posted an official review yet–and man, am I looking forward to it, as I trust them more than I trust my own mother), so I am more than curious.  But I have to say that the more I read and the more I sit in anticipation of seeing this film, I seem to, well, have a growing fear of this film.

I think it’s going to rape my sanity.

And I have to say I am not sure I am up for having my sanity raped at this stage in my life.  I mean, I sat through Irreversible, and it was one of the most painful and unnecessary experiences I have ever had.  In fact, I think it was unduly abusive to viewers.  It treated us as if we were stupid, and it used a gimmick that was tired and boring (and we are not talking William Castle, my friends).  Plus, it was sensationalized garbage for the most part.  (I am sure many of you disagree with this assessment, but I’ve decided not to love you today, if you do.)

So I guess what I am saying is… should we see this film?  We being me and Best Friend because I am sure as shit not seeing this by myself.

Poll below.

EDITED TO ADD: Best Friend and I are seeing it tonight.  Review to come.

EDITED TO ADD AGAIN: Most ridiculous thing in the history of history.  More to come.


~ by acaseofyou12581 on May 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “News From the Front”

  1. Irreversible is awesome!

  2. Yesterday, I did not love you, but thank goodness that day has passed.

  3. Still waiting for a review.

  4. It’s going to be up at Fused Film instead of here at Chickapin. I decided to send it over to the site since I seem to be one of very few people who thought the movie was kind of stupid. I’ll post the link once the site gets it up.

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